• The Highlands

    The Highlands

    This week’s stack is comprised solely of rings by Scottish designer Ellis Mhairi Cameron, who will be joining us in the NYC shop for a trunk show this weekend! With rugged texture and naturally colored diamonds, this stack appears as if hewn directly from the ancient rocks and weathered seascape of the Highlands. Chiseled out of a craggy golden peak is a glowing gray 1.1ct emerald cut diamond for our stack’s base. Next, a wide, textured gold band with scattered champagne and cognac diamonds, then an exquisite mixed cuts diamond band, evoking all the rich individuality of an ancient artifact. Ellis’ icy gray-green 1.0ct diamond solitaire captures the color of the wild northern seas. We top it all off with a crown of natural orange baguette diamonds, set in a hand carved V-shaped gold band.

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