Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not sure what your ring size is, we recommend getting sized by a local jeweler.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Yes we do. You can purchase one here.

Each piece comes wrapped in a beautiful Esqueleto box. Please let us know if it’s a surprise and we will make sure no branding is visible for delivery.

In some cases we may be able to make the piece in your desired metal. Please contact us.

Yes we do. Please contact us.

If a piece you purchased from us breaks or encounters any damage, we are happy to repair it. Please contact us at the location where your piece was purchased.

We would love to see your work. Please contact us.

Thanks for your interest in our shops. Please contact us.

Yes. All our artists comply with The Kimberly Process, a set of UN-approved controls put in place to prevent the trade of diamonds that fund groups responsible for human rights violations. Read more about our sourcing process here.

Yes we do. You can read all of our shipping information here.

Yes, please see our Privacy Policy.