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Discover Timeless Elegance With Our Vintage Engagement Ring Collection

Engagement rings should be just as unique and multifaceted as the people who wear them. If you’re on the lookout for nontraditional jewelry to express your love and commitment, you’ll find a wide variety of eye-catching options at ESQUELETO.

From delicate bands to ornate multi-stone rings and everything in between, our vintage collection has something for every individual style.


Our vintage bridal pieces range from $500 to $20,000 based on the specific material, stone, and design. Explore our vast collection of handmade vintage engagement rings to find the perfect choice that suits your style.

About the Designer

At ESQUELETO, our Vintage pieces represent many different eras of jewelry. You’ll discover handcrafted pieces that simply shine with classic, timeless style. And you can be certain your engagement ring will be a rare find when you shop vintage.

Metal Options

Are you unsure which vintage engagement ring is the one for you? Start by perusing our many options for base metal. Our vintage collection features pieces made with:

  • Vintage Platinum Engagement Rings
  • Vintage Silver Engagement Ringd
  • Vintage 18k Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
  • Vintage 14k Yellow Gold Engagement Rings
  • Vintage 14k White Gold Engagement Rings
  • Vintage 10k Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

No matter which metal you choose, you can trust that your vintage ring will be made with durable, long-lasting materials.

Select Your Stone

The right metal is important, but a breathtaking stone (or two or three) is essential to create the perfect engagement ring. You’ll find all of your favorite gems within our collection, including the following:

  • Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Sapphire Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Pearl Engagement Rings

  • Vintage Garnet Engagement Rings

Since our vintage engagement rings are a few of a kind, each stone is truly unique with a distinct hue and shape.

Diamond Options

Diamonds are forever, and our vintage diamond rings come in a variety of colors. Some options include:

  • Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Vintage Green Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Vintage Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Vintage White Diamond Engagement Ring

Trust ESQUELETO for a vintage diamond engagement ring that glimmers like no other with an eye-catching, old-fashioned flair.

Featured Vintage Engagement Rings

Are you in need of a little inspiration? If so, check out these featured vintage engagement rings:

  1. Platinum Baguette Eternity Band by VINTAGE: Thick, decadent platinum eternity band lined with 31 white, straight-cut baguette diamonds

  2. Platinum Five Diamond Bar Ring by VINTAGE: Five white, square-cut diamonds cast in a pure platinum setting with a modern yet classic feel

  3. Art Deco Filigree Diamond Ring by VINTAGE: Vintage setting of 18k white gold cradling a .40ct European-cut white diamond surrounded by a crisp Art Deco design

  4. Deco Marquise Cluster Ring by VINTAGE: Tasteful blend of platinum and 18k white gold featuring a cluster of nine white round diamonds that sparkle as one

  5. Art Deco Diamond Ring: Breathtaking 1920s platinum ring with a total of 25 white diamonds artfully arranged in a geometric Art Deco pattern

Celebrate Your Classic Love With ESQUELETO's Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

If you’re craving a truly unique engagement ring to express your devotion, you’re not alone. The right piece of vintage jewelry can become the centerpiece of any outfit and help to convey your unique, authentic style — whether you’re dressing up or feeling casual.

Are you ready to learn more about vintage jewelry or even try on some of our pieces? Contact us today at ESQUELETO to schedule a consultation.