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Artisan-Made Home Products

ESQUELETO believes in the value of sustainable, handmade goods that are ethically sourced. We have done the work of discovering a collection of talented artisans so that you don’t have to. If you’re looking for unique wall art or a cozy handmade pillow to relax on, you’ll find it and more at ESQUELETO.

Types of Handcrafted Home Products We Offer

Whether you have the opportunity to visit one of our store locations or prefer shopping online, ESQUELETO offers practically everything you need to refine your home or professional environment.


Candles add instant serenity to any room. We feature unique candles made from environmentally responsible ingredients and lush, natural scents that you’ll love living with.


ESQUELETO features handmade ceramics from a select group of artisans. Find mugs, vases, bowls, and unique art pieces, all made by hand.


We work with fragrance creators who focus on making modern, gender-neutral scents. You won’t find these anywhere else.


There’s nothing like sipping from handmade glassware to make every drink feel special. Find drinking glasses, barware, and more at ESQUELETO.


Nothing elevates a room like a handmade rug. A unique rug can make simple furnishings look more chic and bring an entire room together. We carry handmade rugs in bold and understated designs for every aesthetic.

Textiles and Pillows

If you’re looking for a special gift or a unique touch to add that certain something to your home, consider a handmade pillow or handwoven blanket from one of our artisans.

And if you have a bridal shower coming up soon, don’t add more one-use paper to the landfill. Instead, place your gift in a handmade tote bag.

Wall Art

Do you need art for your home or office? Find accessible handcrafted wall art, such as original paintings, prints, and sculptural wall hangings, at our galleries.


Prices at ESQUELETO fit every need and budget. You’ll find bundles of handmade candles for $18 and limited edition screen prints for $2,500. Of course, there are also books, unique ceramics, artisan glassware, taper candle holders, TBW books, and dozens of other items all waiting to be discovered.

Get to Know Our Designers

Visit these pages to learn more about some of our most popular designers:

Knowing where your handcrafted items come from is part of what makes them special.

Best-Selling Home Products

With so many beautiful and unique handcrafted items to choose from, purchasing from ESQUELETO is an effort in restraint. Perusing these best-sellers might help you narrow down your wish list:

  1. 12" Taper Candles by THE FLORAL SOCIETY
  3. Whisky, 1969 by THIN WILD MERCURY
  4. Laurel Canyon, 1966 by THIN WILD MERCURY
  5. Laurel Canyon Candle by TATINE CANDLES

Keep in mind, too, that the inventory at ESQUELETO is forever changing. Handmade items may be on backorder, and one-of-a-kind creations may be out of stock.


We hope our customers enjoy strolling through our locations in Los Angeles, Oakland, Mill Valley, and New York and virtually strolling through our online store as much as we enjoy curating a collection of modern, handmade home goods. We invite you to visit ESQUELETO today.