Javier Servin Morales set up his ceramics workshop in La Purísima, Guanajuato, Mexico in 1996, and now employs more than 30 ceramicists in the community. The JAVIER SERVIN CERÁMICA collections range from home décor + functional tableware to exquisite exhibition pieces that have been exhibited in galleries across Mexico, the United States and Europe. Each piece is masterfully worked at high temperatures by the artistic hands that make them.

"Our process begins by mixing clay, silica, kaolin and feldspar and letting it 'age' for several days. After shaping the desired piece on the potter's wheel, we trace the patterns with a burin so they serve as guide for the decorative motifs, which we paint with enamels before baking. The heat makes the enamel colors come through shiny and beautiful. I am constantly searching for ways to improve techniques and qualities, as well as developing new designs and styles.” – Javier Servin Morales

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