To best care for your new treasure, we advise taking it off before you go to bed, and storing it in a jewelry box or soft pouch when it is not being worn.

* Sleeping in a necklace with a delicate chain can cause stretching and/or breakage.
* Remove rings while gardening, exercising and cycling to prevent excess dirt and damage.
* Never wear rings when weight training! Metal is malleable; even the thickest, toughest bands can be scratched or misshapen by a heavy barbell.

Soaps, shampoo, and lotions may dull your jewelry but will not cause damage to most items – just clean gently with a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap to return the shine. Watch this episode of Ask Allison for a demo of how to best clean your jewelry:

Stones are not created equal. One of the reasons why diamonds are the traditional choice for engagement rings is their strength. The lower the rank on the MOHS Scale, the softer the stone. You can read more about stone and metal strength here. The strength of the stone will determine how you can wear the piece, and also how you can clean the piece. 

MOHS scale of mineral hardness

Certain stones, such as opals, turquoise, and pearls are very delicate and require extra care. Take these items off before strenuous activity, swimming or bathing, and using soaps or lotions, as they are easily scratched, and water and oils may cause damage to them.

Antique Georgian and Victorian foil-backed jewelry should never get wet. If you're not sure whether your Georgian or Victorian piece has foil behind the diamonds, you can bring it in for us to check. Until you know for sure, we recommend behaving as though it does, as this was a very common technique in these eras. Exposing foil-backed stones to water can dull the color and make them appear less bright. We advise treating these century-plus-old pieces as the cherished collector's items they are, and taking extra care to avoid water and knocks, bumps, and scrapes.

Metals, particularly sterling silver, may tarnish over time. We recommend using a gentle polishing cloth to bring back the shine. Oxidized (blackened) silver will lighten over time, but you can always send it back to us for re-darkening.

Our jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime - or more! Should your jewelry require repair, please contact us.