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SUSAN MADDUX is a Hawaii-born and Los Angeles-based artist creating innovative, unique forms marrying the traditions of painting and fiber art. She was born on the island of Oahu to a hapa Japanese-American family where she absorbed the influence of handmade kakebuton, the wax relief tradition of indigo-dyed shibori textiles, and the subtlety of shibui form and color. Trained in fine arts at the SF Art Institute, she has had numerous group and solo shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Honolulu.

The work is evocative of Maddux’s native Hawaii, with its warm rain and diffuse floral tones. Each piece is comprised of abstract paintings on canvas hidden within the folds of a dimensional form, the painting only hinted at. These sculptural wall hangings suggest both the feminine (or domestic) fiber arts tradition and the loftier tradition of fine art painting on canvas.

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