Kathryn Kenworth gallery show in OAKLAND


Presenting new works by Oakland-based artist Kathryn Kenworth for our spring gallery show in the Oakland shop. This suite of charcoal drawings reduces everyday objects to their brand-less silhouettes, creating sparse yet texturally rich pieces that possess an iconic familiarity.

"In these charcoal drawings, I make simple silhouettes of common and unremarkable objects. Because the images do not include packaging and branding, they become personal icons, charms, or emblems to everyday life. The fingerprints and smudges happen naturally in the process of making the drawings and individualize these mass-produced products. I sometimes include straightforward descriptions of the objects or, add in text taken from advertisements and marketing slogans. The words add a formal graphic quality to the drawings but are also open to interpretation which further blurs the line between the objects, how they are used and how we connect with these everyday goods." - Kathryn Kenworth

Kenworth received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder CO (1989) and a Master of Fine Arts from Mills College, Oakland CA (1999). She has been awarded many prestigious residencies and grants throughout her career, and exhibits her work in venues that include galleries, museums, universities, online sites, storefront windows and parking lots.

new drawings
works on view March 10th through June 15th, 2023

482 49th Street Suite A | Oakland, CA 94609 | 510.629.6216
open daily 10am - 6pm