Joanna Cutri art exhibit San Diego

“My paintings are an accumulation of all my life experiences resulting in a multi-layered surface with various subtleties throughout. The final piece reveals itself in an intuitive manner. It is a process of discovery, chance happenings, resolution and evolution. It is a complex visual narrative of my history, cultures, experiences and imprints of life. My most recent collection, White Noise, explores my interpretation of the pulse of the planet lately which has become incredibly loud. In a time where everyone has something to say and everything is begging to be heard, I find my truth in a place of quiet, still, calm and sacred surrender. That meditative space of no color, no sound, complexity or chaos is where my paintings emerge.” – Joanna Cutri
Los Angeles native Joanna Cutri has been educated in the visual arts at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Cleveland Institute of Art and the University of Georgia. She has traveled the world, soaking up creative influences from Bali, Indonesia to Biarritz, France to the ZhangJieJia mountains in Hunan, China. Joanna has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa, Europe as well as in the United States. She currently lives and works in Southern California.

Works On View through December 31st, 2021

Opening Reception Friday, October 15th | 5pm - 7pm
Also the San Diego store GRAND OPENING PARTY!
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