• The Beholder

    The Beholder

    It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this week we combine five rings with disparate aesthetic ideals into one uniquely beautiful stack. A wide and weighty band by Susan Highsmith forms our base, an undulating organic pattern stamped onto its surface. Atop that lies a pristine and orderly white diamond eternity band set in brightly shining 18k white gold by Lauren Wolf Jewelry. Nan Collymore’s ruggedly textured Patricia ring is next, with three rocky raw gray diamonds set in a powerful gash within the ring’s hand-hewn, sculptural form. We add a vintage baguette diamond eternity band, its classic proportions and elegant construction having withstood the test of time. Finally, our Beholder’s unique eye: a 1.59ct inverse-set pale yellow marquise cut diamond solitaire in a subtly futuristic geometric signet setting by Lauren Wolf Jewelry.

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