• Terroir


    This week’s stack is very much of the earth, full of richly wrought textures, organically undulating shapes, and beautifully hued natural colored diamonds. Our base is formed from Nan Collymore’s Sister ring, featuring a wabi-sabi row of raw diamonds in a hand-hewn 14k gold channel setting. Atop that sits the Tenuous Antinous band by Atelier Narcé, celebrating the beauty of body and art with a bounty of freeform champagne diamonds scattered across an extra wide gold band. A blooming diamond ring by Brandon Holschuh bursts forth from the ground, its two larger diamonds clutched in 18k gold prongs that resemble unfurling petals. We top of this naturally gorgeous stack with the softly rolling hills of TenThousandThings’ pavé-set diamond wave band.

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