• Heavenly Bodies

    Heavenly Bodies

    Look towards the skies to view this week’s celestial stack, teeming with brilliant white stars, salt-and-pepper constellations, and one gorgeously
    dark diamond moon. Katrina LaPenne’s shimmering Inanna band is our base, sprinkled with brilliant cut white diamonds. Next, two bands by Megan Thorne,
    the first dotted with delicate golden details, and the second featuring alternating white and salt-and-pepper rose cut diamonds. Sarah Swell’s lovely
    Starry Sky band places star-set diamonds along a softly matte 18k gold ring. The Moon Totem ring by Céline d’Aoust features a mesmerizing dark oval diamond surrounded by white diamond stars and golden moons. We finish our stargazing stack with the Wave Pavé band from TenThousandThings, its arching trail of diamonds tracing a path across the heavens.

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