Your 2016 Space

ESQUELETO Shelfie With the coming of a new year, the post-holidays focus tends to shift to oneself – your body, your mind, and your wellbeing. For me that means focusing on improving the spaces I spend the bulk of my day in. Try curating your space to banish the clutter and display only things you truly love. Adding a few personal touches to your desk or living space can really add small daily happinesses to your life!

  • little_bowl
    Little Bowl by Rachel Steiner $35 This perfect little bowl with it’s soft satin white glaze will perk up my morning cereal and tea routine for sure. Think about the objects you use – really use – every single day, and upgrade them. These are the things that will give you the most pleasure.

  • moonphasebell
    Small Moon Phase Bell by MQuan $190 The clear tone of this bell is quite soothing, and the black and white motif suits many décor styles. Place in an area where you will enjoy it each day. For me that means my porch, where I like to sit every evening.

  • Vintage Bashir Kilim Rug at ESQUELETO

    Vintage Bashir Kilim Rug $1500 As expounded by The Dude, a good rug can really tie the room together. If you’re looking for a really dramatic change in your home, I always advise a new rug and some new paint- easy changes that make a huge impact!

  • Interior Decor at ESQUELETO
    Small Bud Vase by Len Carella $80 This is the perfect thing to perk up your desk or bedside table. Add a single flower from your garden or local farmer’s market to bring life indoors and meditative pleasure every day.

  • maze_original

    Maze Original
    No bare walls ever! Original artwork gives so much life to any space. You should always select artwork based on what speaks to you, not what “matches” your décor. This drawing by Patrick Dunaway is definitely calling my name.

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