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3.12.18_BannerBlog Wedding season is almost upon us, which means that many of our clients are planning their big days right now. Shopping for bands together can be one of the most fun parts of the process (“Yay, new jewelry!”) or can feel super stressful (“I have to choose something to wear FOREVER?!”). Never fear, the ESQUELETO staff is here to help you choose something amazing, beautiful and unique that you really will treasure for a lifetime. You might decide to go with a matching set, or you may choose very different rings, from different artists, that express each of your own unique tastes. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite pairings to help you achieve wedded bliss.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set1 CONFETTI RING

        by Polly Wales


        by Polly Wales

        The dark and the light. Play up each partner’s individuality while still committing to one overall aesthetic with these one of a kind Polly Wales confetti bands.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set3 ROSE GOLD ETERNITY BAND

        by Lauren Wolf


        by Shawn Roberts

        Wedding bands don’t have to match to coordinate. The black diamonds in this Lauren Wolf eternity band pick up the darkened steel of Shawn Roberts’ ring, and the subtle hint of rose gold is carried throughout both designs.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set4 DIAMOND DUSTED NESTING RING

        by Sarah Swell


        by Rebecca Overmann

        These two bands share a soft, matte finish white gold but feature their own intriguing design details – a delicate curve, a ruggedly textured edging.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set5 GOLD BAND

        by Satomi Kawakita


        by Rebecca Overmann

        We love how the textures on each of these solid gold bands speak to each other. Though crafted by different designers, they seem made for each other.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set7 ABSOLUTE BLACK DIAMOND BAND

        by Satomi kawakita


        by Karen Karch

        Both of these bands are minimal and timeless in style, and they each possess an organic, wabi-sabi approach to design.

      • 3.12.18_Blog_set9 DIAMOND ARCHER BAND

        by Katrina LaPenne


        by Katrina LaPenne

        These two rings may be markedly different in style - one sleek and sparkly, the other hand-hewn and organic - but they are bound together in spirit because they are crafted by the same artist, Katrina LaPenne.
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