The light is beginning to slant, illuminating the streets with that golden glow. Autumn is falling into place, and it's time to get hygge! The Danish word for "cozy" has us feeling all the fall feels. We're piling on the scarves, stocking up on warm tones, and setting the vibe for holiday entertainment at home. Seasonal candles add extra comfy scents to your space and textile accents create warmth and mood. Who doesn't love the glow of an aromatic candle or the soft embrace of a blanket wrapped around the shoulders? Here are some of our favorite pieces to light your fire this season!
      • Hygge Blog
      • Summer may be over, but you can still go for the gold. Add some gold dust to your space with Tatine's deliciously decadent votive candle in frosted glass.  

        • Hygge BlogPINOT NOIR BRANCH BAND
        • Luana Coonen
        • Nothing says Fall like a good glass of Pinot enjoyed with friends. Celebrate the vines that bind us with Luana's vino-dedicated diamond band. 

          • Hygge BlogTEAL STRIPE BLANKET
          • Garza Marfa
          • Wrap yourself in woolen warmth. Garza Marfa's wool blanket is a go-to for picnics, beach bonfires, or Netflix & chill. The essence of hygge.  

            • Rebecca Overmann
            • A perfect piece for a night on the town, diamond dusted leaves are a luxurious choice for your lobes. We love the cool asymmetry of Rebecca's diamond foliage.  

              • Hygge BlogFIREFLY CANDLE VESSEL
              • MQuan
              • A vessel for your favorite candle, MQuan's Firefly is blazing with potential heat. We're obsessed with MQuan's stoneware specialties.

                • Hygge BlogST. JOHN'S WOOD CANDLE
                • Tatine
                • A woodland feast for your olfactory enjoyment! Tatine's votive candle comes sans container, so you can pop it into the MQuan vessel above and light up your life.  

                  • Hygge BlogGOLD TREE BRANCH STUDS
                  • Luana Coonen
                  • These gnarled oaks rendered in 14k gold are a great signature piece for Fall. Understated enough for everyday wear, but with some special seasonally appropriate whimsy.  

                    • Hygge BlogRADIANT LIGHT RING
                    • Communion by Joy
                    • A marriage of Summer's warmth and Winter's twinkle – Joy's Radiant Light ring keeps the glow going all through the year. A fiery piece for your treasury.  

                      • Hygge BlogKILIM RUG
                      • Vintage
                      • Entertaining this season? Gussy up the place with an authentic kilim rug. This beauty would look great on the floor of course, but could be hung on the wall as a tapestry to anchor the room in hygge.  
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