The eyes have always had us, tbh. As the “window to the soul” eyes (or a single eye) have long been used as a graphic motif in art, literature, and religion to symbolize focus, protection, clairvoyance, and awareness. From the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt, to the Evil Eye in the Mediterranean and Mexico, eyes have been used as talismans to ward off evil and promote insight for ages. See yourself to our list below, where you’ll find eye-catching charms to enhance your perception. Stay Woke! 

      • cats-eye-diamond-ring CATS EYE DIAMOND RING
      • Vintage
      • An exquisite Victorian cocktail ring spotlights a humongous Chrysoberyl framed in diamonds. This eye is the cat’s meow.

      • aztec-eye-ring (1) AZTEC EYE RING
      • Celine D'aoust
      • The Aztec glyph symbol of an eye is known as “Ollin” – a word stemming from the Ancient Nahuatl language of the region which roughly translates to, “act with your heart”.

      • cat-eye-studs (3) EDWARDIAN EYE STUDS
      • Scosha
      • These studly babes have us seeing double. Rubies decked with diamonds create high impact without weighing on your lobes.

      • sun-eye-single-earring SUN EYE SINGLE EARRING
      • Celine D’Aoust
      • Celine’s charming eye piece reifies the rays of the sun, sparkling in 14k yellow gold with diamond accents.

      • eye-dish EYELASH DISH
      • MQuan
      • Maybe she’s born with it. Stellar lashes frame a hypnotic eye for MQuan’s versatile stoneware dish. Perfect as a ring dish, candle cradle, or key-catcher.

      • diamond-signet-ring DIAMOND SIGNET RING
      • Lauren Wolf This looker is all about the 1.62ct dark diamond marquise clasped in an eye-opening 18k setting. Clearly a power piece.

      • opal-marquise-ring- OPAL MARQUISE RING
      • Talon
      • A blue-eyed beauty set in shimmering silver. This babe is a great everyday stacking piece.

      • evil-eye-studs EVIL EYE STUDS
      • Aili
      • Ward off evil with AILI’s turquoise + 18k gold eye studs.

        • 1400 RADIANT EYE RING
        • MQuan
        • An eyeful of blinding white light, MQuan’s eye ring radiates with solar rays and a sparkling round white diamond.

          • opal-eyed-skull-studs OPAL-EYED STUDS
          • Michael Spirito
          • Opal eyes are a vision in silver. Silver skulls by Michael Spirito are ideal creepy-cool studs.
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