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Stacking Rings at ESQUELETO

While we at ESQUELETO firmly believe that rules are made to be broken, there are some things to consider when building the stack of your dreams. Before you invest consider these tips:

        • Stacking Rings ESQUELETO

          MIX THOSE METALS! You don't need to stick to just one tone. A well-balanced stack will include a mix of yellow, rose and white gold. A bright pop of gleaming platinum or edgy oxidized silver can add the visual interest you need to make or break a perfect stack.


      • Nesting

        NESTLE UP! When playing with different silhouettes and larger statement rings, look for these perfect stackables to nest in between. Katrina LaPenne’s angled archer ring is our fav to pair with vintage diamonds, and Lauren Wolf’s pavé nesting band is the perfect complement to her three-stone rings. Try adding simple spacers in between solitaire style rings, like Katrina’s classic braid ring or Adeline Jewelry’s edgy geometric stacker.

      • showstopper

        Turn Heads Every stack needs a focal point, so make sure it’s a real show-stopper. Choose a ring that you absolutely love, whether for its unique design or its serious sparkle. This is often the first ring you should select - build your perfect stack around it to create that wow effect.


The best part about creating your dream stack is that it is uniquely YOU. No one else will create the exact same combination, so feel free to trust your gut, go with what you love, and break the rules!
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