Staff Picks: Throwback Queen


I'm heading into fall with my eye on the prize, focused on standout pieces that catch the eye.

  • EarringsTENTHOUSANDTHINGS Extra Long Whisker Earrings These are as elegant as they are fierce. Their curvilinear structure creates several stylish profiles which give dimension and movement, accenting any neckline. Dress them up or dress them down, it doesn't really matter. This stand out pair speaks for itself.

  • VINTAGEDIAMONDRINGVictorian Five Diamond Ring I'll admit it, I have a sick fascination with vintage odd numbered diamond rings. When I saw this beauty, my right eye twitched...twice! From the rich yellow 18k to the recessed side detailing this ring adds glamour to hand. If mine were the lucky hand, I'd place it right it the middle of my stack. Just thinking about it almost makes me tear.

  • Lauren Wolf CuffLauren Wolf Starfish Cuff Not to be worn while sneaking around town. This cuff beckons eyes. Lauren's attention to detail here is unmatched. The polished silver peaks rising against the matte black oxidation give the eye such terrain to comb over. It is truly a work of art.

  • Matthew Craven, two potsMatthew Craven, two pots I love how this composition commands my eyes. The high contrast pattern speeds them up, while the calm artistry of the vessels slows them, drawing them in for more. You can witness this dance in many of his works, this one though, is my personal favorite.

  • Luana CoonenLuana Coonen Beso Double Heart Necklace This statement piece by Luana Coonen is beautifully crafted and well balanced. I am always drawn to anatomical renderings that are a bit fantastical. They remind me of short stories with mysterious endings. This is one that I continually revisit.

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