Staff Picks: The Urbanist

lindsay olsen, adeline jewelry

We asked Lindsay Olson (a.k.a. The Urbanist) to give us some more insight into why these items are her favorites for June. Lindsay is the designer behind Adeline Jewelry, and works at Esqueleto as Head of Production for Lauren Wolf Jewelry.

  • vintage rigntGeorgian Heritage Ring The oldest ring I’ve ever gotten to hold in my hands, from the late 1700’s. I was with Lauren when she bought it for the shop and it took our breath away – we had never seen a ring like this before; the cut of that diamond and the way it has been set are unreal. I love imagining all of the different wearers throughout the last two hundred years as the ring was passed on from hand to hand, eventually landing in our vintage case at Esqueleto, where it patiently waits for its next lucky home.

  • knife necklaceNick Potash Folding Knife Necklace Honestly, I think this is just a really badass necklace. I love the functional mechanism of the moving hinge for the blade. I have a thing for longer necklaces, and I think this would look great layered with a couple other pieces over the perfect paper thin white T-shirt.

  • adeline jewelryAdeline Gold Geometric Studs These are the studs everyone should have in their jewelry box (I’m only a little biased because I made them!). They’re perfect for everyday wear, and they really do look great on everybody. I’m always trying to walk the line between edgy and elegant with my designs, and these have a bit of my signature roughness to them but remain classic and timeless.

  • lauren wolf jewelryLauren Wolf Stingray Triple Cuff I’ve been working on Lauren’s collection for almost four years. I was a huge fan when I was hired, and she’s still one of my favorites! I’m always impressed when a designer discovers a technique or motif and pushes it as far as possible. Lauren’s stingray texture is a great example of that, and this piece showcases the stingray in a really bold way.

  • johnny ninosJohnny Ninos Industrial Decay Ring Johnny’s work reminds me of buried treasure unearthed from a shipwreck. The pieces look eroded, blistered, or decomposed, and yet the detail and craftsmanship is so impressively meticulous. I only purchase jewelry that I wouldn’t be able to conceive of or create myself, and I hope to own one of Johnny’s artful rings one day.

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