Stacking 101

ring_stackingHere at ESQUELETO, we LOVE stacking our rings. The more the merrier! In the stores we often get asked to help customers select the perfect stack, so I wanted to offer some advice for our web clients as well. Stacking is about creating a balance between textures, materials, and styles. Try to mix in a solitaire shape, like this moonstone ring, with simple textured bands in both silver and gold. Adding in a diamond vintage band is a great way to add some sparkle. The best part is that your stack is uniquely you – no other customer is going to create exactly the same combo! A stack can also evolve over time, starting with two or three rings and adding more at your own pace. Another popular way to stack takes a more sentimental approach – the bridal stack. Often starting with a promise or placeholder ring, the couple can add in the engagement ring and then wedding band. More rings can then be added to commemorate milestones, like the birth of a child or a special anniversary.
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