The Vernal Equinox is almost upon us – the point in the year when daylight and darkness are equals. As we prepare to shift away from those long, cold winter nights towards the seemingly endless days of summer, here are some pieces from our collection that are inspired by the duality of light and shadow.

      • silver-peony-buds-ring SILVER PEONY BUDS RING
      • TenThousandThings
      • This chunky silver ring by TenThousandThings really plays up the drama of light and dark with contrasting darkly oxidized and brightly shining sterling silver.

      • absolute-combination-band ABSOLUTE COMBINATION BAND
      • Satomi Kawakita
      • Half ruby red, half bright white diamonds, this channel-set band by Satomi Kawakita pulls double duty. Flip it around to swap the colors, or wear half-n-half to show off its dual design.

      • diamond-studs INVERTED DIAMOND STUDS
      • TAP By Todd Pownell
      • Brilliantly bright points of light (half a carat of light to be exact) really pop in Todd Pownell’s dark-as-night blackened white gold setting.

      • diamond-winged-ring DIAMOND WINGED RING
      • Luanna Coonen
      • A study in contrasts. We love how this ring’s cut-out design casts beautiful shadows when placed upon a surface, or shows the wearer’s skin when worn.

      • bud-vase BUD VASE
      • Len Carella
      • A bud vase (perfect for those early spring blooms) crafted of the finest pure white porcelain – with a dramatic pitch black drip detail.

      • iron-diamond-bracelet IRON + DIAMOND BRACELET
      • Pat Flynn
      • This forged iron nail bracelet conveys the most powerful strength, and then tempers that strength with gleaming gold and delicately pavé-set diamonds for a truly balanced design.

      • small-moon-phase-bell MOON PHASE BELL
      • MQUAN
      • The waxing and waning phases of the moon are represented here on Michele Quan’s beautifully high-contrast black and white ceramic bell.

      • double-love-diamond-studs DOUBLE LOVE DIAMOND STUDS
      • T. Kahres
      • The diamonds are doubled up in these edgy studs by T. Kahres, with a balanced symmetry between the two split halves.

      • sun-moon-diamond-earrings SUN MOON DIAMOND EARRINGS
      • Celine d'Aoust
      • The sun and the moon hold equal court here in these golden earrings by Belgian artist Celine d’Aoust, just as the day and the night are equals on the Spring Equinox.

      • black-diamond-half-eternity-band BLACK DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY BAND
      • Lauren Wolf
      • Go halfsies with this band by Lauren Wolf Jewelry, split equally between gorgeously gleaming 14k gold and the deepest, darkest black diamonds.

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