Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning at ESQUELETO

It’s time to shed those winter layers! Spring brings lightness, brightness, renewed energy and life. Bringing in the outdoors, selecting airy, handmade pieces and fresh fabrics, and rotating your art collection will rejuvenate your home. Here are 5 pieces to welcome new trends into your space for a satisfying spring refresh.


      • Wall Hanging Heather Levine ESQUELETO

        Wall Hanging by Heather Levine We’ve long been fans of LA-based artist Heather Levine and her modern naturalist sculptures. Wall hangings have been trending for a few years now, and are definitely here to stay.

    • large tote bag ESQUELETO

      Extra Large Tote Bag by Jenny Pennywood I love the idea of using this extra-large tote around the home – try placing it next to the sofa filled with extra throws and pillows, or filled with white birch logs beside the hearth.
      • Bronze Cicada Sculpture ESQUELETO
        Bronze Cicada Sculpture This incredibly detailed mini sculpture captures the cicada – an ancient symbol of rebirth and renewal – and renders it in solid bronze and gleaming sterling silver.
        • Chloe Aftel Photograph ESQUELETO

          Untitled by Chloe Aftel This gorgeous photograph of a meadow full of blooms by Chloe Aftel epitomizes the joy of spring.
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