Spotlight: Sarah Swell

Sarah Swell at Esqueleto Our Oakland location will be hosting a trunk show with Sarah Greenberg of Sarah Swell Jewelry this coming weekend! Please join us Friday the 25th from 1-6pm and Saturday the 26th from 11am-6pm, meet Sarah, and shop her full collection including some stunning new bridal designs. I had the opportunity to talk with Sarah a bit about her design and fabrication process, and the things that inspire and challenge her as a jeweler, artist and small business owner. A: How did you get your start as a jeweler, and what drew you to jewelry design over other media? S: I actually started off as a painter. While I was in art school, I was working in a jewelry store to make ends meet. They started having me do small repairs and I was immediately hooked. I decided to drop out of art school and pursue everything jewelry-related that I could. I worked in retail, wholesale and for other jewelry designers before starting my own business. I fell in love with the tactile nature of jewelry over other media.  It's still REAL art, just miniature and wearable.  Plus, once you add diamonds, who can resist? Sarah Swell at Esqueleto A: You've recently opened your own studio and gallery to the public - what are the challenges? What's the best thing about having your own space? S: Having my own boutique happened a bit accidentally after being unable to find a studio once I made the move from Oakland to Marin. On a whim I took a look at a storefront space and decided to take the plunge much sooner than I had anticipated. The best part for me is being able to interact with customers on a daily basis and get direct feedback about my work. The most difficult part is being taken away from the bench. It always takes me 10 minutes to figure out where I left off! A: Is there a particular design or collection that you are partial to? Which piece do you end up wearing over and over again yourself? S: I'm quite partial to the bridal collection.  The contrast of bright white diamonds against the warm 18k yellow gold is perfect in my mind.  I always find myself wearing many rings from various collections, particularly a nice big grouping of my weathered diamond stacking rings. When put together, the diamonds form different shapes so they're a lot of fun. Rings are the one type of jewelry that I never take off; they really just become a part of me. Sarah Swell at Esqueleto A: What is your favorite thing about life in Marin County? S: I'm the happiest when in nature. While I love the city, it can definitely make me feel drained. Living in Marin feels like the best possible compromise. I get the woods, the ocean and I'm in SF in 20 minutes. Local favorite? The drive going the secret back way to Stinson beach is pretty magical.
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