Spotlight: Ruth Tomlinson

London-based jeweler Ruth Tomlinson is making her first West Coast appearance in our L.A. shop this coming weekend! We are thrilled to have Ruth here in person with her full collection of nature-inspired fine jewelry, including many unique bridal and engagement styles and one of a kind items. Ruth's creativity is driven by her passion for the earth's treasures and the magic of minutiae and tiny treasures, and this is reflected in her utterly unique, sculptural designs. I was so excited to get to chat with Ruth a bit about her process and inspirations. RuthTomlinson

Alexis: How did you get started in the world of fine jewelry? What are some of the challenges and joys for you of working in this medium?
Ruth: I’ve always been interested in the idea of perceived preciousness in the world. I’ve also always been a maker of things. These two things combined led me to train as a jeweller at art college which naturally led me onto the idea of using some of the most precious materials in the world in an alternative way, shining a light on my search of what constitutes preciousness. As a designer, I love the idea that fine jewellery is durable and copes with everyday wear… life-long wear… gathering stories along the way and adding to the wearer’s life story. Our jewels have a historical reference with a contemporary relevance, in turn they will endure the test of time and eventually become family heirlooms… I cherish that part of what we do. RuthBanner3
A: Your work seems to me to be so influenced by the natural world. Can you tell us a bit about what specifically are your inspirations behind these super-unique designs? Is there a favorite spot to visit that inspires your work?
R: Nature never ceases to inspire me. Being brought up by the sea in Morecambe and close to the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District National Park in NW England I have always absorbed the natural world around me. The boundless beauty of Mother Nature is always changing, always unique, always surprising, and so precious. I don’t have one particular place that I visit, the most important thing for me is to make time to be surrounded by nature - it feeds my soul and my creativity. I can be in a quiet wet woodland in the North of England or diving in the in the jewelled South East Asian seas, my eyes and my soul are always open to new inspiration, which in turn translate into my design practice. RuthBanner4
A: You choose the most interesting stones for your pieces! Do you source stones with a specific design in mind, or do you find that the design arises more organically around the stone selection?
R: We source stones that we think are provocative and enchanting, seeking out one-of-a-kind, hand-cut stones, and antique diamonds with their air of history and traces of human touch. It’s not the clearest most ‘perfect’ gem in a classical sense that interests us, we look for character and uniqueness. The stones, each with their individual allure, in turn inspire the piece of jewellery - our process is organic in that way.

Join us for the Ruth Tomlinson Trunk Show on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 between 11AM - 6PM at ESQUELETO Los Angeles. Light refreshments will be served. ESQUELETO 1298 E Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90012

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