3.5.18 We just received a fresh batch of Spring beauties from Rebecca Overmann! Rebecca’s classic-with-a-twist designs are highly praised for her appreciation of unusual stone cuts, affinity for naturally-colored diamonds, and signature matte finish. Rebecca’s airy San Francisco studio is where all the magic happens – each ring is handcrafted from start to finish right there. Carved by hand in wax, each design is inspired by natural forms, which are reduced to their essence, and void of overly ornate details. This allows the materials to speak for themselves, in all their effortless beauty.

      • 5-diamond-ring FIVE DIAMOND RING Kicking things off with this insanely gorgeous 5 diamond ring! The center (nearly 2 carat) oval green diamond is set off by twinkling white side stones in mixed cuts. This ring has all the hallmarks of a classic Rebecca Overmann design, and will surely be treasured for many lifetimes.

      • rock-diamond-baguette-ring ROCK DIAMOND BAGUETTE RING We love the crazy, organically freeform-cut diamond at the center of this unique ring, combined with a Rebecca signature: inverse-set baguette cut diamonds.

      • low-tide-diamond-ring- LOW TIDE DIAMOND RING Classical perfection. Rebecca here has placed a simple, beautiful 0.75ct round rose cut white diamond into a simple, beautiful bezel setting. Subtle texture and a sprinkling of pavé diamonds provide just enough detail on this timeless ring.

      • thin-bullet-ring THIN BULLET RING This ring is so cool! A super-slender bullet cut diamond set in matte finish 14k gold, this ring would make an amazing minimalist engagement ring or one badass stacker.

      • emerald-cut-diamond-ring EMERALD CUT DIAMOND RING With a subtle nod to Art Deco design, this ring features a half carat emerald cut white diamond set on one of Rebecca’s signature soft matte finish bands. Delicate pavé diamonds accent this perfectly proportioned ring.
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