Spotlight: Ramon Felix

Ramon Felix Photography Please join us on March 31st in the L.A. shop for the opening reception of Ramon Felix’s solo show of new Polaroid photography, shot on his recent visit to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ramon about his new body of work and his life as a professional photographer.

Ramon Felix // New Polaroid Photography

opening reception March 31st, 5pm to 8pm works on view March 31st – May 31st 1298 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 ESQUELETO

Alexis: Tell me about your amazing trip to Kenya - what were some of the highlights? What are the challenges of traveling and being a photographer in a foreign country, particularly one you've never been to before? R: I got asked to go to Kenya by one of my mentors and good friends, Nathaniel Goldberg. It was a totally last minute thing. I was there to assist Nathaniel and also to shoot candid moments for the client. It was a challenge staying sane during the long flight to Nairobi. I think it was an 11-hour leg and a 10-hour leg, then once we were in the country, a 1-hour small craft flight to the bush. Followed by a 45-minute truck ride on a very rough road and then straight to work! But I have to say that staying in a camp on a river with wild animals all around was truly a highlight of my life.  We saw elephants, lions, hyenas, deer, giraffes, dik diks, crocodiles, and so much life. There’s a place called Gods Mountain that you could see in the distance from where we worked; it’s a marker for due north in Kenya. I would have liked to see the view from there. Ramon Felix Photography at ESQUELETO A: How do you balance the creation of your personal photography with your commercial work? Is there a difference in approach, or merely subject matter? R: I don’t think I approach the personal/commercial thing differently. I just try to take an honest picture either way. By honest I mean something I will be proud of, whether it’s street photography, landscapes, or a jewelry ad. I just try to make work I like. A: Can you talk a bit about the new work you'll be showing at ESQUELETO Los Angeles in April? R: The work in the show consists of all Polaroid images. While I was working in NYC right before the trip, someone stole all my equipment. ALL OF IT!!!  So I had to buy some new cameras for the trip, and I also bought a Polaroid camera. I usually use an old Mamiya Universal, with the old-style peel film. But this time I bought an instant “shake shake” type camera. I carried it around with me at all times while there and burned thru all my film, but I captured some magic I think, some nature and some humanity. Ramon Felix Photography A: You travel extensively for work. What is one favorite thing about each of the cities/places you've been hanging out in lately - Oakland, Los Angeles, New York, Quito, Samburu? R: That’s a tough one. Oakland is my girlfriend Alicia. Los Angeles, my family. NYC, actually walking places. Quito has really good street food breakfasts. Samburu National Reserve would be the fact that this place exists in a world that wants to destroy it.
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