10.1.18BannerBlog1 Today October is upon us! This might just be our favorite month around the ESQUELETO shops, with its embrace of all things witchy and weird, bones and skulls (ESQUELETO does mean “skeleton” after all), deep autumnal tones, and a return to wild winds and darker eves after a summer of California sun. Read on below for ten of our favorite spooky seasonal selections for an awesome October!
      • gold-double-snake-ring GOLD DOUBLE SNAKE RING
        Katrina LaPenne is the snake queen, and this super luxe version of her two-headed serpent ring in solid 14k gold is bold talisman of knowledge and transformation.

      • momento-mori-ring MEMENTO MORI RING
        An incredibly detailed reminder that death is coming for us all (literally, “memento mori”) by the master of the macabre, Anthony Lent.

      • nested-opal-ring NESTED OPAL RING
        October’s birthstone is the opal, an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of colors that evokes a fortune teller’s crystal ball. Step up your own witchy game with this doubled opal ring by WWake.

      • lichen-memento-earrings LICHEN MEMENTO EARRINGS
        Luana Coonen has taken the popular Victorian era trend of mourning jewelry – items containing sentimental bits of a lost love one – and given it a sophisticated modern twist with her encased lichen earrings.

      • scorpio-signet SCORPIO SIGNET
        We don’t mind getting stung by this stunning scorpion signet by Talon. Rendered in sterling silver, the intaglio motif is oxidized to bring out the exquisite detail.

      • orion-ring- ORION RING
        This dark and smoky gray diamond ring reminds us of a portal to another dimension with its fierce geometric shape and simple but strong setting.

      • narrow-crystal-ring- (2) NARROW CRYSTAL RING
        Rock this dark crystal band from Polly Wales like a mystic wizard, for a reminder of balance in all things.

      • harvest-moon-ring HARVEST MOON RING
        Dance by the light of the autumn harvest moon with this sweet 14k rose gold ring by Daisy San Luis.

      • skull-eternity-band SKULL ETERNITY BAND
        An entire ring of smiling skulls! Let these happy little skulls dance around your finger now and for all eternity.

      • aztec-eye-ring AZTEC EYE RING
        The most potent of evil eyes, this ring by Belgian maker Celine d’Aoust features a stormy, smoky gray diamond pupil to keep the evil spirts at bay.

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