Signet Rings

Signet Ring We’ve been going mad for signet rings here at ESQUELETO, both vintage and new. A signet ring has a flat surface, usually wider than the rest of the band, which is engraved with a design. Historically, they would have served as a unique intaglio stamp for sealing wax on a document or letter, functioning as the wearer’s signature (from the Latin "signum," meaning sign). These rings have been worn dating all the way back to ancient Egyptian times. Today signet rings are rarely used as an actual signature, but they still retain an air of authority and power to the wearer. Here are some of our favorite vintage signet rings, and some fierce modern takes on the style.

    • Vintage Signet Ring at ESQUELETO Coat of Arms Ring $1,750 A classic signet ring from the early 1900s, this features an intaglio rendering of a clan’s coat of arms in platinum on an 18k gold shank.

    • Vintage Signet Ring at ESQUELETO Vintage Signet Ring $1,500 It is rare to find a vintage signet in this blank state! We are happy to engrave it for you with your monogram or a loved one’s name.

    • Onyx Cameo Ring at ESQUELETO

      Onyx Cameo Ring $975 A striking portrait carved in onyx is paired with masculine gold detailing in this late Victorian ring.

    • Modern Gold Signet Ring at ESQUELETO Gold Signet Ring $550 A classic signet shape made modern with the addition of a simple blanket cross motif by Ursa Major.

    • Nick Potash Signet Ring at ESQUELETO Signet Ring $560 Surfer chic in a floral yet masculine ring. Artist Nick Potash has left the signet blank, to be engraved in a design of the wearer’s choosing.

    • Rhombus Signet Ring by Lauren Wolf Jewelry at ESQUELETO
      Rhombus Signet Ring $1,100 A futuristic take on the ancient signet design from Lauren Wolf Jewelry, this 14k gold rhombus exudes modern strength.
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