Since we are all physically disconnected right now as we STAY AT HOME, we’ve been reaching out virtually to some of our favorite designers to see how they are doing in these strange times.

Today we chat with British designer Sia Taylor, who’s delicate, nature-inspired collection just launched on our website. A graduate of the sculpture program at London’s Royal College of Art, Sia was completely immersed in nature when first developing her jewelry voice, which is so apparent when you view her stunning, organically-designed pieces, full of movement and life. Sia’s Somerset studio is located next door to her home, so she can craft her tiny wearable sculptures during the stay at home orders. However, it is quite the solitary space these days, with her staff having to stay away.

Read on below for our interview with Sia and watch the video she’s shared with us about her work, her studio, and her inspirations. 

Alexis: Okay, after watching your video what I’d really like to know is: Do you ever smash your fingertips hammering out those tiny dots?!

Sia: No. Never! 

A: Can you tell me a bit about how you got your start in the jewelry world, and what you love about your job? 

S: I had a kind of quite gentle start - time spent making jewellery while I was living in a research camp in the African bush, followed by years living in Ibiza where I really developed my work. I took my first really cohesive collection to London to take part in a little sale called Hand (that I still do now) and by chance a visitor to the show fell in love with my jewellery and bought herself a necklace - something she said she would never normally do. The next day she emailed me and explained she was the PR for Dover Street Market and they would like me to bring my jewellery in - they bought the whole collection!

I love my job... I feel so lucky to be able to spend time just making the things that appear in my head. What I love most is being able to just dream things up, use my imagination, not be confined in my thinking. I just go with it and see where it takes me. I also love the making process, drifting off in thought into daydreams, while making hundreds of little droplets or leaves, and playing with colour and form.

A: Your studio is so lovely and light-filled! It must be a delight coming to work each day. How have things shifted for you - for your studio, your business and your daily routine - with the current COVID-19 shutdown?

S: I am very lucky to have my studio next to my home. Right now, my team are not working, so the studio is a real haven of peace and tranquility. Just me and my thoughts. My initial reaction was fear and worry but now I have found space and time to reflect and create and dream.

A: Your work takes its forms from the natural world. Can you tell us about specific things that inspire your creations? How do you translate these muses into tangible, wearable works of art?

S: I'm inspired by the tiny things, quiet things, overlooked things. Silvery light on water, reflections and shadows, shimmering leaves when its windy. I start with drawing, and words. I work on some of the pieces myself, and some ideas are developed by Heidi and Viki who work with me - they are both incredibly technically able and sensitive .There's a lot of trial and error, discussion, refinement of tiny elements and how they work together, until we capture just the right feeling of movement or light or beauty.


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