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With a strength and hardness that is second only to a diamond this beauty of a gem packs a punch of passion like no other. The July birthstone is both fierce and fiery with a long history (over 2000 years!) of folklore and mythical powers. In fact, many Medieval Europeans believed that wearing rubies would grant them health, wealth, wisdom, and love. 

The crimson-hued stones have been given for years as romantic gifts symbolizing love and beauty. Thought to possess an eternal inner flame, they are traditionally the stone given on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. A symbol of enduring love and  believed to enhance seduction, virility and everlasting passion. 

Some believe that rubbing this fire-like gem on one’s skin will improve physical and mental health. Others believe that wearing a ruby around one’s neck will bring happiness to the wearer. And luck will be granted to the person that dons a ruby on their left hand.

Symbolic of protection, courage and strength, warriors believed that carrying rubies into battle would bring victory, while members of royalty believed that rubies would enhance their wisdom. Heck... even Dorothy believed that her ruby slippers would protect her from evil.

Whatever your reason for choosing this magical stone, the Ruby is clearly the King... I mean Queen of all Gems.