5.14.18_blogBanner Giving birth is one of the greatest gifts of all, but let’s be real, no one deserves a little spoiling more than your baby mama. With Mother’s Day still fresh in our minds, we decided to put together a little list of post-birth gifts for moms-to-be!

      • diamond-light-necklace DIAMOND LIGHT NECKLACE

        Communion by Joy

        Mothers are as strong as diamonds, and this delicate diamond necklace is a strong symbol of that inner power.

      • trio-ring TRIO RING

        by Scosha

        You, me, and baby makes three! For first-time parents, this little diamond triumvirate is a sweet way to celebrate your new status as a power trio.

      • gold-kite-studs GOLD KITE STUDS

        by Adeline

        For new moms, sparkly and dangly earrings are too tempting for baby to grab onto with those little hands. Get her something simple and elegant that she can feel beautiful in every day, but that won’t pose a risk to her lobes!

      • firefly-candle-vessel FIREFLY CANDLE VESSEL

        by MQuan

        To set a calming, soothing mood during and after childbirth, candles are definitely in order. MQuan’s stoneware vessel is a splendid way to let the light in.

      • aquarius-signet AQUARIUS SIGNET

        by Talon

        We offer Talon’s signets in every sign of the Zodiac! Gift her one with your new baby’s astrological sign for a meaningful present that’s durable enough to wear on the daily.

      • extra-large-tote-bag (1) EXTRA LARGE TOTE BAG

        by Jenny Pennywood

        It’s sexy to be practical. New moms need room to carry around all things baby – and she’ll want to do it in style. This original patterned tote bag by Jenny Pennywood is both useful and beautiful: win-win!

      • YouRock MY ROCK CARD

        by Banquet Atelier

        Don’t forget a sweet note to remind her that she’s a total rock star!
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