Pisces Inspiration

Feb19 Blog Banner As winter thaws into spring, we find ourselves swimming into Pisces season. Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, making them sensitive, intuitive, and deeply emotive - and for those reasons, easily overstimulated. As a water sign, it's important for a Pisces to have a calm space to escape to for meditation, contemplation, and restoration. Though it can be hard to pin a Pisces down since they tend to ebb and flow with their feelings, they are selfless and willing to help and empathize with those they love. Keep scrolling to peruse a few of our Pisces-inspired picks.
diamond-sea-anemone-ring DIAMOND SEA ANEMONE RING by Kimberlin Brown This 14k gold ring, cast in a sea anemone shape and dotted with diamonds, is begging to adorn the hand of a water sign.
firefly-moons-candle-vessel (1) FIREFLY MOONS CANDLE VESSEL by Mquan The perfect piece for a Pisces to place at home in a meditation corner, to be filled with a candle and lit as needed for grounding vibes and inward focus.
diamond-stingray-claw-ring DIAMOND STINGRAY CLAW by Lauren Wolf Jewelry One of Lauren's classic styles, the stingray claw draws from elements of the ocean with a textured gold that grips a moody subaquatic-seeming diamond.
white-diamond-barnacle-ring WHITE DIAMOND BARNACLE RING by Johnny Niños Johnny Niños' watery, organically-shaped barnacle ring is scattered with brilliant cut diamonds and is gorgeous as a stacking piece or worn on its own.
wall-hanging- WALL HANGING by Heather Levine Calming white porcelain discs hung from natural driftwood make this an ideal gift for a Pisces babe. The driftwood gives oceanic vibes while the white discs are reminiscent of crashing, soothing ocean waves.
sea-urchin-bangle STARFISH RADIAL BANGLE by Lauren Wolf Jewelry Not your typical gold bangle, this solid 14k piece by Lauren Wolf Jewelry is textured in the style of a starfish; a seaside treasure most commonly found in calming costal tidal pools.
opal-and-pearl-necklace OPAL AND PEARL NECKLACE by Ten Thousand Things Strung around the neck of a Pisces, this gorgeous multi-stone necklace from Ten Thousand Things will transport her right back into the ocean. With its stunning pearls and iridescent opal, this piece is like diving into the sea.
narrow-crystal-ring- NARROW CRYSTAL RING by Polly Wales Staring into the mysterious and enchanting inky black sapphires cast into this 18k band by Polly Wales is like deep sea diving. Wear this on its own, as a unique wedding band, or as a chic addition to any stack.
polished-megalodon-tooth POLISHED MEGALODON TOOTH A shop favorite at both ESQUELETO locations, this prehistoric shark tooth is a curiosity to behold! Style it on a shelf or turn it over in your hand to be calmed by its smooth, cool texture.
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