On View: Common Treasures

CreativeCommonsBlog   With all the work now hung, here’s a quick look at the stunning pieces that the team of artists at Creative Growth created for our show, “Common Treasures.” With an eye for composition and sturdy construction, Lauren Wolf (jewelry designer and owner of ESQUELETO) brought these necklace-like assemblages together using the incredible elements that each artist created during our two-month workshop series. The result? Wall hangings that seem to sing and dance, intermingling hard and soft materials in wabi-sabi perfection.   CreativeCommonsBlog Left: The largest piece in the show hangs at approximately 4.5' long by 2.5' wide, and features hand-sculpted and painted ceramic beads and links, fired in the kilns at Creative Growth. The ceramic elements are combined with colorfully painted wooden discs and repurposed cardboard cones. Strung on wire and reinforced with colorful yarn. Smaller necklaces feature wood dowels, ceramic beads and links, found buttons, braided nylon rope, and yarn-wrapped wire frames, to name just a few elements. Top Right: Aurie Ramirez glam-rock inspired ink and watercolor compositions face the collaborative necklaces, along with Maureen Clay’s painted rock sculptures. Bottom Right: Maureen Clay’s vibrant, far-out acrylic painted papier-mâché rocks adorn the countertop on the North gallery wall   As the oldest and largest arts organization for people with developmental disabilities, Creative Growth is helping change the conversation around what artists with disabilities can bring to the cultural table. At Creative Growth’s annual fashion show gala, which was also this past weekend, CG’s longstanding director, Tom di Maria, spoke with emotion about the importance of the arts in creating a more inclusive world. For the first time in history, two artists with developmental disabilities (both Creative Growth clients) have been invited to show their work at the Venice Biennale. “This changes the culture,” said di Maria. We couldn’t agree more. To see more of the pieces and purchase online, click here.
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