New Work: Celine D’Aoust

9.24.18_BannerBlog1 We are happy to present a new collection of Celine D’Aoust jewelry! These new designs heavily feature Celine’s signature stone, tourmaline, along with other gorgeous stones including diamonds, opals, and moonstones. Her striking designs have a contemporary feel that fully utilize the arts of metalwork and stone-setting. All of Celine D’Aoust’s jewelry is handmade at her studio in Brussels, with gems sourced from Jaipur that are hand-selected by Celine herself! The artist’s work is activated by inspiration from the natural world and the symbolism associated with the stones she utilizes in her work.
      • tourmaline-totem-ring- TOURMALINE TOTEM RING
        Pink tourmalines are bezel set in warm 14k gold with round diamond accents artfully placed. Celine’s totem ring is an uncommon design that has serious sparkle power.

      • tourmaline-constellation-earrings TOURMALINE CONSTELLATION EARRINGS
        Diamonds and green tourmalines drip from the heavens! These make great statement drop earrings that would look ethereally beautiful worn with upswept hair.

      • pampille-necklace PAMPILLE NECKLACE
        Celine’s pampille necklace (French for pendant) showcases two deep aqua-green tourmalines, dotted with round diamonds set in a panel of solid 14k gold. A delightful fringe adds some motion and interest.

      • moonstone-sun-spike MOONSTONE SUN SPIKE
        Like little moonstone spaceships, Celine’s spike studs are cosmic creations. Perfect for when you want to make a subtle statement, these sweeties are small enough to be worn every day, yet add more style than your typical stud.

      • three-diamond-ring- (1) THREE DIAMOND RING
        This simple and elegant diamond ring is Celine’s take on the classic three diamond engagement ring. Three rose cut gray diamonds sparkle in a hand-hewn 14k yellow gold setting.

      • totem-necklace TOTEM NECKLACE
        An emerald cut, color-changing tourmaline tops a totem of round diamonds and a gray/green tourmaline trillion. Three 14k gold droplets swing from the lower edge like a sassy skirt.
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