Momento Mori

At Esqueleto we're continually fascinated by the strange and beautiful tradition of memento mori. Literally translated to "reminder of death," this type of jewelry was crafted to remind the wearer of human impermanence or to commemorate a loved one who had passed on. The style has ancient roots in cultures around the globe, but garnered a special level of mainstream popularity in Georgian-era Europe (1714-1830), with pieces featuring skulls, skeletons, and even real locks of human hair (?!!). While some of the heavier symbolism may have dissipated in modern times (think: effective medicine, older life expectancies, safer travel), the imagery remains influential in contemporary jewelry design, and certainly adds a powerful strength to personal adornment.

momento_ringvintage_momento_morihair_ringmomento moriruby&diamondskull_pendant

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