Modern Matches 2

We often get asked to help couples select wedding rings that both express their individual personalities and coordinate with each other in a meaningful way. Here are some of our favorite pairings of engagement rings and wedding bands that complement one another without being too “matchy matchy.” Unique Wedding Ring Sets at ESQUELETO THE URBANISTS This couple is as chic and stylish as their Lower East Side address. Satomi Kawakita’s modern classic 1.0ct brown diamond engagement ring is paired with Lauren Wolf’s edgy 3mm black diamond eternity band, bringing out the black rhodium border of the solitaire. The thick organically textured 18k gold cigar band by Johnny Ninos is the perfect foil, with the elegant single black diamond tying the whole look together.
Cool Wedding Ring Set THE COOL COUPLE This pair are like the cool kids at the party- the ones who make an entrance but never seem like they are trying to hard. Effortlessly stylish but always low-key. Lauren Wolf’s stunning 2.49ct smoky diamond three-stone engagement ring commands attention without screaming for it, and paired with her slim diamond eternity band the set looks perfectly put together. Lauren’s sea urchin-textured men’s band in 14k gold complements the pairing, adding a sophisticated edginess.
Wedding Ring Sets THE COASTAL CUTIES This engagement ring by T. Kahres is fit for a mermaid - delicate and feminine with a unique gray diamond and bubbles of tiny white diamonds scattered about the sea urchin-textured band. We’ve paired it with T. Kahres’ gold and diamond wedding band featuring a core of the same urchin texture. Sticking stylistically to the undersea theme, and keeping true to the vision of a single artist, the T. Kahres men’s band of 10K gold uses an organic form reminiscent of watery plant life.
Wedding Ring Sets THE CLASSICISTS This couple appreciates timeless pieces that are sure to be treasured heirlooms for generations to come. Rebecca Overmann’s classic diamond halo setting is updated for the modern bride with a 1.1ct brilliant cut smoky gray diamond. A vintage diamond wedding band brings enduring style, and the platinum setting perfectly complements the gray diamond of the engagement ring. An ageless 14k gold hand carved wedding band from Lauren Wolf Jewelry completely this couple’s time-honored look.
Wedding Sets THE TRAVELING TWOSOME This eclectic pairing feels like it was lovingly collected over many years from worldwide adventures. Lauren Wolf’s 1.28ct salt and pepper diamond three stone ring set in 18k white gold is unexpectedly paired with an 18k yellow gold diamond barnacle nesting band from Johnny Ninos. Lauren’s 14k white gold double urchin band completes the journey with an exotic texture.
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