Men's Rings

Men's Rings at ESQUELETO
This week it is all about the boys here at ESQUELETO! Many of our artists create jewelry with a strong masculine side, and we carry an extensive collection of men’s wedding bands to suit a variety of tastes. Profiled here are some of our go-to favs for uniquely designed men’s rings.

    • Shawn Roberts Men's Rings at ESQUELETO SHAWN ROBERTS Crafted from Damascus steel, an ancient metalworking technique favored by sword and knife makers, and lined with precious metals like gold, platinum and silver, Shawn’s rings marry strength with a refined sophistication.

    • Johnny Ninos Mens Rings at ESQUELETO
      JOHNNY NINOS Johnny’s designs are inspired by the coastal waters and tidepools near his Olivos, California studio. Organic in design and cast in luxe 18k gold, Johnny’s wedding bands are small works of art.

    • Rebecca Overmann Mens Rings at ESQUELETO
      REBECCA OVERMANN We love the way Rebecca takes a classic shape and puts her own subtle, textural spin on the design. Her men’s rings are no exception, combining her signature matte finish with understated natural qualities.

    • Lauren Wolf Mens Ring at ESQUELETO LAUREN WOLF Lauren’s designs run from super natural, sea-inspired textures and organic shapes to more traditional but still rough-hewn silhouettes. Offered in wide range of thicknesses and materials, Lauren has styles that will appeal to every guy.

    • Nick Potash Mens Rings
      Nick Potash Nick designs amazing, one of a kind rings in silver and gold with a decidedly outlaw feel. Nick’s work is not for the faint of heart, but rather for the man who wants a distinctive and bold ring to reflect his rough and rugged personality.

    • SatomiBand
      SATOMI KAWAKITA Satomi’s men’s bands are as sophisticated and elegant as her women’s designs. Imbued with natural, subtle textures these timeless wedding bands impart a handcrafted but classic look.

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