Megan & Zach

Zach worked with Lauren Wolf to create this beautiful and sentimental ring for his partner, Megan. Lauren added vibrant garnets to her iconic three stone setting to make a truly special custom engagement ring for the happy couple.
Kayla: You did a custom project with Lauren Wolf for Megan's engagement ring. What inspired you to do that?
Zach: Not long after we started dating (May 2013) Megan showed me the Instagram account for Lauren Wolf Jewelry and she mentioned that she really liked the style of her work. I made a note of it along with any other ring/jewelry information that I could casually extract out of her over the next 3 years. I knew that she would want something unique and non-traditional and even though that can be found many places in the back of my mind I knew it had to be something from Lauren. I'd been keeping tabs on the available rings on your website for a few months and although there were a lot of cool ones I wanted something a bit more personal. A few years ago Megan's mother passed away and I thought if I could incorporate her birthstone (January - garnet) into the ring that would be a special way to keep her memory alive and close by.
Kayla: What was the process of having a custom ring made like?
Zach: The custom process was great! Considering we're in Omaha traveling to California wasn't really an option to look at any potential designs or stones. It started with a conference call with Lauren and Lindsay where I told them what I had in mind and then the rest transpired via email. Lauren provided a lot of examples of stones, designs and potential combinations, as well as answering my silly questions (do point up diamonds get caught on things??). Once we settled on a design and type of diamond I just had to wait and see what Lauren was able to get from her dealer and if she could get garnets cut down to the size we wanted. She provided pictures from all angles as well as short videos of all the potential candidates. Lauren was always lightning quick to respond to my inquiries or provide a picture from another angle which helped tremendously. I'm happy to say that it turned out spectacularly.
Kayla: If you don't mind sharing, Megan, we'd love to know how Zach proposed!
Megan: Zach proposed Christmas morning. We were at home and I was scrambling to get a cake finished to take to Zach's parents house later that day (we were definitely being overly ambitious that morning). It was pretty hectic and we were both running around in our pajamas trying to get things done in time. In between trips running back and forth to the kitchen we decided to open our gifts to each other. I opened my gift from Zach - he'd gotten me a nice robe for around the house. I decided to try it on and inside the pocket was a small, wrapped box that said "To Zach" on it. A little confused, I handed it to him. That's when he unwrapped the box from Lauren and proposed. It was a BIG surprise.
Kayla: And what do you think of the ring?
Megan: I love it! I have been a fan of Lauren's jewelry and had been following her online for a few years. The fact that Zach wanted to create something unique and personal is so amazing. I don't really have a specific 'style' to speak of, but it somehow suits me perfectly. He definitely knows me well. The ring is gorgeous and the garnets on the sides are a lovely way to honor the memory of my mother. It is perfect for me.
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