Meet The Maker: Megan Thorne

Meet The Maker: Megan Thorne

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome MEGAN THORNE to our Los Angeles and Oakland locations in the next two weeks for our first trunk shows with the Texas-based designer! In anticipation of her upcoming visits, I was so fortunate to be able to chat with Megan all about her background and processes and to glean even more inspiration from this incredible artist.



ESQUELETO Los Angeles | Saturday, March 18th
ESQUELETO Oakland | Saturday + Sunday, March 25th + 26th


Alexis: Hi Megan! Can you start off by telling us a bit about how you got your start in jewelry?

Megan: Accidental and serendipitous. I actually studied apparel design and worked briefly in the fashion industry as assistant designer for a lingerie company. My love of flowers and feminine details goes deep!

I took a metalsmithing class on a whim, and wow, I was hooked. The torch, the tools, oh they just felt intuitive and right in my hands. So, I left my dream job for a new passion, and returned to metalsmithing school to learn waxes and setting and casting. The vibe is similar – graceful lines, delicate beautiful details – just rendered in gold rather than fabric.

Megan Thorne in her studio, an image of Megan Thorne rings on hand, and Megan's dog Amos

A: What does a typical day in the studio look like for you?

M: After dropping off my son at school, I’m in the studio around 8am. Order and organization do not come naturally to me, if left to my own devices I’ll have a million projects swirling at once – bench work, bills, drawings, phone calls, stone selection! - but blessedly my husband and business partner, Jaz, is all about a system. And truthfully, and somewhat obviously despite my own predilection for disorder, the team runs more smoothly with everyone working in sync. So the first thing I do is open our flow software to see what my priority tasks are.

Years ago, I made every piece, and now that is not the case – which is a such good thing, because Florie, Cassie, and Jaz are amazing jewelers! – but I still like to get my hands on each jewel. I do the final finishing and polishing. Typically I’ll try to knock out my bench work in the morning when I’m bright-eyed.

My ideal day would begin at the bench, followed by sorting through parcels of stones, drawings for custom projects, and wrap up with new design concepts. However, let’s be honest, a typical day is bench work, bills and business-y tasks, emails (why so many emails!?), hopefully completing at least one custom concept illustration in my mountain of a stack, and then a frantic race to FedEx before final drop-off closes.

Megan, Jaz and Florie working at their benches

A: What are some of your inspirations and influences? Is there a thought process or method you go through when designing?

M: Both of my grandmothers were influential in my creative development. One was an art teacher and ceramicist, and the other a seamstress at a bridal salon. I grew up surrounded by laces and trims, spent summers painting and sculpting clay, and have just always known I would go into an art field.

I am so beyond lucky that I still have both of my grandmothers - into their 90s now! - and making jewelry that can be passed from one generation to the next is so important to me. I keep them in mind when designing, valuing timeless feminine details that will age beautifully.

Some of Megan Thorne's vintage-inspired, floral jewelry designs

A: What does the idea of adornment mean to you?

M: Dirty little secret – I wear very little jewelry on a daily basis. My thin super simple gold wedding band that Jaz made me, and yep, that’s it. My actual engagement ring is my great-grandmother’s; it is so special to me, I don’t wear it when working to keep it protected from grit and grime. I’ve gone through phases where I am loyal to a signature piece  – I wore one of the first rings I carved in jewelry school religiously for years, and then a phase where I hung my beloved great-Aunt Millie’s husband’s pocket knife on a vintage chain necklace, and a wide diamond dewdrop smattered gold cuff from my first collection never left my wrist until I desperately needed funds one hard spell and sent a batch of things off to the refinery.

So, to me, adornment is insight. People I love, moments I’m proud of, honoring the ebb and flow of my individual life and its quirks, scars, and delights. I feel like I’m entering a new season and am curious to find the talisman that speaks to the woman I am today, open to welcoming a new glowy gold friend to accompany me on the next voyage.

A: What is on the horizon for you? Any upcoming new designs or projects you’d like to share?

M: This sounds bananas as a designer, but I’m dipping my toes into COLOR. My love affair with gold started it all, I just can’t get enough of that rich buttery warmth. A little diamond sparkle was like gilding the golden lily – happy to do it! But despite wearing color in clothing with abandon, surrounding myself with prints galore at home, I was never comfortable with a bold gemstone as the focal point of my work. I’m feeling a little more assertive though, and am giddily exploring the world of gemstones and color in new collections I’m working on.

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