Kreh Mellick in Oakland

Kreh Mellick's new gouache and cut paper works unfold (literally and figuratively) like entrancing fables on the wall. Using imagery and pattern work that draws from ancient through contemporary folk art traditions, these pieces seem both timeless and very much grounded in the present. The fantastical subjects of these paintings a( tower of happy animals or a winged female head,) take on a mythology of their own. None of them reference a known story, but all seem familiar- empowering the viewer to craft their own tale. Her use of the inky gouache is nuanced and varied, creating a range of tonalities that make her work feel incredibly colorful and dynamic, even in grayscale. Most of the works are quite small (about 10" x 12"), drawing you into their worlds. One large piece (measuring 31" long) is the dramatic crescendo to the show, bringing all the others together. With elaborate cut-outs (imagine, if you could hold a pHD in paper snowflakes) and a dynamic mix of supporting characters (birds, flying heads, rabbits, and goddesses all together), this piece deserve a long, enjoyable look.
Stop by now through August 2nd and purchase Kreh's work. For pricing, please contact ESQUELETO Oakland.
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