Katie & Ryan

I worked with Katie's fiancé, Ryan, when he was shopping with us for her engagement ring. He really wanted to propose at a special barbecue on the weekend so we made sure that he received the ring in time. I could tell he was making a huge effort to preserve the surprise element of his proposal. When Katie e-mailed us to express her love of her new engagement ring I took the opportunity to learn a little more about the couple.
Kayla: When your fiancé, Ryan, contacted us to inquire after your engagement ring, he was confident that the 3 Diamond Rose Gold Ring by Lauren Wolf would suit your style. How would you describe your style?
Katie: My style is bohemian, so when I first saw the Lauren Wolf 3 Diamond Rose Gold Ring I knew that it fit my personality and fashion tastes perfectly. Even though I'm from the East Coast, I love the laid-back, yet edgy California aesthetic. Lauren Wolf has jewelry that perfectly encapsulates this look.
Kayla: How much influence did you have over the ring selection? Did you mention this ring to Ryan specifically?
Katie: I picked the ring and showed it to Ryan! I just knew that this was the only ring for me. I saw Lauren's designs featured on the fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog, Who What Wear, and I was immediately drawn to all of her jewelry, especially the rings. My mind was set on this ring from the moment I saw it!
Kayla: When I spoke to Ryan, he wasn't totally sure that he was pulling off the surprise element on the proposal. How did he do it? Were you surprised?
Katie: I was totally and completely surprised! We have been dating for 12 years, live together in Hoboken, NJ, and I am totally nosy! He knew that he couldn't plan a proposal for months so it had to be quick to ensure that I wouldn't find out :-) He asked my whole family at a Mets baseball game on a Wednesday, and my parents had already planned an end of summer barbecue at my house that upcoming Sunday. Since Ryan's birthday was the next day, we invited Ryan's family to celebrate. On that Sunday, Ryan's mom asked me if Ryan's younger brother, Hayden, could bring over his guitar. I answered, of course! When Ryan's family arrived, we were snacking on some appetizers and all went outside next to my parents' fire pit. Ryan's brothers Hayden and Graham started playing my favorite Beatles song, "I should have known better." At the end of the song, Ryan declared that he had an announcement to make. And then he proposed!
Kayla: I know you don't usually wear jewelry. How does the ring feel? Do you enjoy wearing it?
Katie: I totally am not a jewelry person. Sometimes I can get into oversized statement necklaces or cool pendants, but that's about it. The ring feels amazing and I absolutely love it. I can't stop looking at it and admiring it!
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