Jaw Dropping Holiday Gifts


And just like that, the holidays are upon us. As we all know, sometimes the biggest gifts come in the tiniest boxes. Below, find a curated selection of our most jaw-dropping stunners in every category: those extra special pieces you covet all year long until they ultimately grace the top of your wish lists.  
      • 2diamondring

        Diamond Shield Ring Rebecca Overmann’s elegantly modern take on a classic three stone ring design, with a stunning emerald cut white diamond flanked by two trillion sides, set in Rebecca’s iconic satin 18k gold.

      • 3diamondring

        Three Diamond Ring This one is Lauren Wolf to the max - when it emerged from the studio everyone in the office gasped: a stunning olive green rose cut sitting proud between two bright pear shaped side stones.


      • 1diamondnecklace

        Honor Star Necklace Twinkling starbursts dangle from a delicate chain. Think of this necklace as the ultimate exclamation point for your holiday party outfits.


      • 2necklace

        Spire Collar Necklace Sarah Swell’s spire collar drapes across the neck with subtle movements of cool, brushed silver.




      • 1bracelet

        Diamond Bracelet This glittering, frothy, and edgy bracelet is so luxurious you’ll be grateful it’s on your wrist so you can gaze down on it as you wear it.

      • 2bracelet

        Skull Clasp Bracelet A smooth, supple gold curb chain accented with a badass handmade golden skull.



      • 2earrings

        Fire Opal & Pearl Earrings Melissa Joy Manning masterly combines unexpected combinations of gems to create pieces that are both earthy and refined, as seen with these fire opal and pearl earrings.


      • 3earrings

        Double Love Diamond Studs Edgy yet delicate, Teresa Kahres’s double love diamonds are the everyday studs each exceptionally stylish earlobe needs.



      • 1vintage

        Georgian Diamond Ring Descending sizes of rosecut diamonds radiate out from a 1.5 ct center in this piece from the Georgian era.


      • 2vintage

        English Gate Bracelet The beauty here is in the details: the heart clasp, the delicate drape of the safety chain, the scalloped edge, all in soft, buttery 9k yellow gold.


      • 3vintage

        Vintage Garnet Fan Earrings The most regal earrings in the shop: moody red garnets add an air of stylish drama to your holiday festivities.



      • 1mens

        Black Diamond Cobra Ring To wear this ring by master craftsman Nick Potash is to wear a work of art - every detailed face of the metal is adorned with Nick’s signature engraving technique and that black rose cut diamond crowns the ring with a dangerously dark sparkle.


      • 2mens

        Extra Wide Cigar Band Jonny Ninos’s 18k cigar band is dramatic and hefty in its exaggerated width, but the sparse sprinkling of diamonds breathe an element of levity to the design.


      • 3mens

        Men's Gold Signet The craftsmanship in the family crest is what sets this ring apart, its lines reminiscent of painterly brushstrokes. A commanding piece in solid 14k yellow gold.


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