In the Galleries: Shadows Rule

In the Galleries: Shadows Rule

As we head into the season of shadows, we have some very creepy, ghostly, ghoulish artwork currently on exhibit in the galleries! From Twilight Zone-esque figural works to abstract vortices, the shops are brimming with midnight blacks and otherworldly enchantment. Come witness an alchemy of the imagination!

Los Feliz is hosting the Prince of Paranormal, Johnny Vampotna! Johnny combines mid-century pinup style with hallmarks of horror in gouache and watercolor to create delightfully sinister works in black and white. If you've ever loved a friendly ghost, or envied Elvira's wicked style, you'll be bewitched with this exhibit!

Works on view October 4th to December 1st

4618 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 323 522 6484

Echo Park welcomes the work of Jack Elizabeth, an abstract expressionist of the contemporary era. Working on linen, her paintings swirl with emotive strokes to create gradients of greyscale that conjure depth and perspective. Jack is a master of shadow play.

Works on view October 5th to November 30th

1298 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
213 947 3508

Deepest Night
Oakland is offering a heady elixir concocted of work from Mickey Vargas, Sophie Lourdes Knight, Skye Schuchman, and Patrick Dunaway. Mickey's deep black watercolors supply our brew with a bold graphic sensibility that balances Sophie's dreamlike depictions of portals and space. Patrick's vortex of feathers anchors our potion while Skye's constellations of dots and lines keep things airy and ethereal.

Works on view  October 4th - December 4th

482 A 49th St.
Oakland, CA
510 629 6216
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