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This season in the galleries we feature two artists who draw their inspiration from flora and fauna. In Oakland, local artist Bella Bigsby takes us “Into the Woods” for a forest frolic. On our woodland jaunt we encounter enigmatic owls, a misty copse of pine trees, and the perfection of a single feather. In LA, flora abounds in the work of Chicago-based artist Sara Wenokur, whose candy-colored renderings look sweet enough to eat. Sara’s fanciful botanicals showcase blue cacti, purple palms, and array of biomorphic forms.
      • INTO THE WOODS by Bella Bigsby October 5th – December 3rd in Oakland Bella Bigsby is a self-taught artist. Now a resident of Oakland she grew up in Norfolk, England. From childhood she has been fascinated by nature which she explores and depicts through her emotive paintings. In her work, she combines the tangible elements of the world around her with an imagined nature drawn from her memories from home, her feelings for that landscape and a love of the magical nature of myth and fairytale. Familiar birds and trees are to her endlessly rich in beauty and meaning. She has been exhibiting and selling her original oil paintings and limited edition prints in the U.S and U.K for the past 14 years. ESQUELETO Oakland 482 A 49th St. Oakland, CA 94609 510 629 6216
        • 1022.18_BannerBlog4 NEW WORK by Sara Wenokur October 20th – November 30th in LA Sara Wenokur is a Chicago based floral designer and collage artist. She graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in textile design, an influence which is still seen in her collage work. Inspired by scientific botanical illustrations, Sara's repetitive patterns are both minimalistic and expressive. Each collage is bright and uplifting, concealing the laborious process behind it. After being drawn, colored, and cut, each piece is then arranged to create an immersive field of color. The results do not flatly reflect the forms found in nature, but rather represent a surreal synthesis of plants and pattern. ESQUELETO Los Angeles 1298 W. Sunset Blvd 213 947 3508
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