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The current offerings in the galleries are ruminations on the structures of our natural world. In L.A., Todd Ryan White employs lush, electric color to render caverns, frondescent landscapes, and the human form. White experiments with modes of framing and layering to create depth and focus the viewer’s attention inward. Over in Oakland, Skye Schuchman pares down all form, eliminating three-dimensional space and connecting the proverbial dots to reveal maps of abstract crystallographic structures. Both artists ponder the power of creation on an organic level, although their manifestations couldn’t be more formally distinctive. Through their eyes we see both the pulsing, vibrant, fecund qualities of life on Earth as contrasted with the mathematically perfect, molecularly certain, and impeccably designed framework that supports this life.
      • Blog_todd PILLARS AND VOID by Todd Ryan White August 18th - September 30th in LA
        Todd Ryan White is a product of southern California: beaches, skateboarding, punk rock. He takes himself really seriously, so you should too. For this show the now Santa Fe-based White has created large-scale watercolor paintings that consist of multiple layers of cut paper collaged on top of one another, giving an incredible sense of depth to the flat, illustrative medium. Inspired by heavy metal culture and fantasy, White presents both a magical and skeptical perspective of the world, embracing the tension between knowledge and the void. White's work has been widely exhibited across the U.S., and he has produced album art and illustrations for various metal bands, record labels, and clients such as Burton Snowboards, Vice Magazine and Blood Is The New Black. (Text by Alexis Adams). ESQUELETO los angeles 1298 W. Sunset Blvd (213)947-3508
        • blog_skye DOTS AND DIAMONDS by Skye Schuchman August 3rd - October 4th in Oakland
          Skye Schuchman is an artist, designer, and cyclist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His mother and father were both concert cellists, while his grandmother painted with Clyfford Still in New York and his grandfather discovered, and exhibited, fossils in national museums. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted. Created from mathematically derived, hand-drafted grids, the resulting crystallographically balanced abstracts are rhythmic, energetic, and evocative of the art, music, and science instilled in him by his family. (Text by Skye Schuchman). ESQUELETO 482 A 49th St. Oakland, CA 94609
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