7.2.18_BannerBlog1 July is the final month to see the current exhibits in our galleries! Both artists on view celebrate incidents of “defeat” or “imperfection” as meaningful insights into the subconscious. Accidents are kismet. Failure is victory.
On view in LA, John Sheppard’s revolutionary ceramics subvert typical ceramic tendencies by eschewing the realms of sculpture and pottery. Instead, Sheppard’s work inhabits a 2-D space, generally reserved for paintings and tapestry. His wall hangings possess a spare, modern sensibility that evokes elemental vibes by showcasing fissures and crackle glazes paired with metallic, bone, and obsidian hues. Sheppard’s embrace of wabi-sabi aesthetics is attractive on a primal level, and seeing his work in person is an occasion not to be missed! John Sheppard // MIRRORS Works on view June 2st - July 29th ESQUELETO los angeles 1298 W. Sunset Blvd (213)947-3508
In Oakland, Sophie Lourdes Knight is showing works in oil pastel, acrylic paint, and ceramic. Her subject matter belies an interest in vessels and the potential they may hold. A vase of flowers, a chalice, a trophy – objects for containing ephemera, desire, and pride. Knight’s work uses bold color to evoke mood and emphasis. Striped, checkered, and harlequin patterns conjure courtly diversions and a sense of play. Knight’s large-scale pieces are displayed in wood frames hand-built by the artist, and their sheer size lends gravitas to any room they inhabit. Come see for yourself! Sophie Lourdes Knight // ALMOST HOME Works on view June 1st – August 1st ESQUELETO 482 A 49th Street Oakland, CA 94609 7.2.18_BannerBlog2
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