GLITTERY HISTORY: Gemstone Symbolism & Mythology

GLITTERY HISTORY: Gemstone Symbolism & Mythology

Can you believe it’s already 2019? Time flies… but jewelry is immortal. The rare alchemy of nature forges glittering gemstones that have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. Let’s take a look back among the ages at some of the most prized and honored gemstones and what they symbolized for our ancestors.

        • rainbow-moonstone-ring

        By Lauren Wolf
      • Wax-on moon goddesses, Lauren Wolf’s moonstone octagon ring is a luscious slice of lunar magic.
      • MOONSTONE: Since it's a feldspar, moonstone is a fairly soft stone – which may be why it’s referred to as the stone of tenderness and is thought of as a heart-opening aid. Ancient India’s astrologers believed that wearing this stone was a way to gain the favor and friendship of the moon!

        • tourmaline-constellation-earrings (2)

        By Celine D'Aoust
      • Celine D’Aoust’s single Constellation Drop Earring bestows major soothsaying vibes. Channel its power to spot your own sources of suffering and then get it handled!
      • GREEN TOURMALINE: In Africa and Australia, shamen of yore used green tourmaline as a “teller” stone that would augur who/what was causing the upheaval in times of strife and struggle. 

        • diamond-crater-ring

        By Todd Pownell
      • The Diamond Crater ring by Todd Pownell reminds us of a sacred diamond cavern, lighting our way through the dark.
      • DIAMOND: Diamonds are symbols of strength, power, endurance, and integrity – which makes sense given that the diamond is literally a perfect atomic structure and is the hardest natural material on Earth. Diamonds also have the highest degree of light refraction of any known substance in the universe… so that accounts for their famous incandescent sparkle. Diamonds encourage one to seek and fulfill their destiny and are can be used to radiate divine light within oneself. 

        • opal-comet-studs



        By Kimberlin Brown 

        Lightning strikes your lobes with Kimberlin Brown’s celestial opal Comet Studs! These beauties look like they fell straight from the cosmos.

      • OPAL: One of our favorites, opals are recognized in many cultures as precious. In fact, the word “opal” is derived from the Sanskrit work “upala” which means precious stone! In ancient Rome opals were likened to Cupid, and in Arab lore they were thought to be the remnants of lightning strikes to the earth. Opals are believed to bring hope, happiness, and love.

        • beloved-sapphire-solitaire (1)

        By ManiaMania
      • The Beloved Sapphire Solitaire by MANIAMANIA is a star-spangled tribute to the round rose-cut sapphire that sits at its center. Focus its energy to find your path and to ward off poison, plague, and disease.
      • SAPPHIRE: With its heavenly blue color, the sapphire has been revered by many cultures since ancient times. Buddhists exalt the sapphire as a calming presence that facilitates meditation and spiritual enlightenment. The ancient Greeks used sapphires to consult oracles and believed the stone strengthened one’s ability to foretell fate.

        • topaz-with-diamond-halo-ring- (1)

      • This incredible vintage topaz ring has the added bonus of a diamond halo. Shine up!

      • TOPAZ: Goldrush! Topaz is believed to have the mystical ability to attract gold, especially if the stone is set in yellow gold. In both ancient Rome and Egypt, topaz was associated with sun gods, Apollo and Ra respectively. The Bushmen in Africa used the stone for shamanic work to commune with ancestors, and as an aid in healing.

        • cat-eye-studs (2)
      • CAT EYE STUDS 

        By Scosha
      • See yourself gaining wealth and glory while wearing Scosha's cat-eye studs.
      • RUBY: Mythology and lore has circulated regarding the ruby for millennia. A favorite of those in power and those in love, the stone is known as a fiery gem that inspires strength and ardor. Those who sacrificed rubies to Krishna in ancient India were assured rebirth as an emperor. The Kalpa Tree of Hindu lore was said to be a tree that bore rubies as fruit, indeed many cultures considered the stone a living thing with a spirit of its own. As far as mystical powers, rubies are thought to attract wealth and provide protection.

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