Ghoulish Gems + Bewitching Baubles

Ghouls and goblins, skulls and serpents… We are fast approaching All Hallows Eve, our favorite time of the year! Here are some of the most spellbinding adornments and objects in our shop, sure to bewitch all who lay eyes upon them.

      • Ouroboros
        Silver Ouroboros Snake Ring by Anthony Lent Jewelry An ancient Egyptian symbol of the underworld, the ouroboros later became synonymous with alchemy and magic in medieval European tradition. Wear this diamond-eyed silver charm to represent nature’s infinite cycle of creation and destruction, life and death.

      • OvalDiamond

        Oval Diamond Solitaire by Lauren Wolf Jewelry An evil eye for a witchy woman, this 4.25ct oval shaped diamond by Lauren Wolf Jewelry contains a dark web of carbon-black inclusions set in 18k gold.

      • SkullNecklace

        Black Skull Pendant by Anthony Lent Jewelry The biggest, blackest, baddest skull pendant ever, by master of the macabre Anthony Lent. Not for the faint of heart.

        • AuraRing

          Aura Ring by T.Khares Jewelry Made for a mistress of the dark arts, this Mystic Aura ring by T. Kahres Jewelry features a 0.2ct trillion cut black diamond in a powerful triangular setting.

          • SkullStuds

            Skull Studs by Michael Spirito The most adorable lil’ retro skull earrings we ever did see! Michael Spirito’s silver studs with diamond eyes are more cute than creepy.

          • FangNecklace

            Snake Fang Necklace by Lauren Wolf Jewelry Lauren Wolf’s cluster of gilded snake fangs might be worn as a charm to protect against serpents – or, more darkly perhaps, to signify the wearer’s parceltongue proficiency.

        • MQuanKnife

          Moon Phase Dagger by MQuan A wonderfully witchy talisman by MQuan, this ceramic dagger will add a touch of magical power to any abode.

          • FoldingKnifeNecklace

            Folding Knife Necklace by Nick Potash Jewelry “What’s your favorite scary movie?” This switchblade necklace is the perfect adornment for all you diehard slasher film aficionados.

      • OrionRing

        Orion Ring by Adeline Jewelry The darkest, coldest nights call for the deepest, darkest diamonds. This totemic ring by Adeline Jewelry is fit for a queen of the night.

      • SnakeHoops

        Silver Snake Hoop Earrings by Katrina Lapenne Slithering silver snakes wrapping around your lobes, rendered by the skilled hand of jeweler Katrina LaPenne – perfect for Halloween night, and all year ‘round.

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