Gemini Inspiration

Ah, Gemini – arguably the most dynamic of all the signs. I mean, you do get two personalities in one! Social, curious, intelligent….and also serious, pensive, restless. As a Gemini myself I know firsthand the adaptability and nomadic nature of the twinned sign. To celebrate the new moon in Gemini, I’ve gathered some of my fav items in the shop – light and dark, whimsical and serious, there’s something in here to please both sides of the ever-changing Gemini personality. Also, don’t miss our special event with designer Emily Hirsch of Talon and zodiac + tarot expert Marty Windahl in the Los Angeles store! Ojai native Emily is known for her intricately carved zodiac-themed signet rings and pendants, as well as for her bold yet wearable designs using opal and turquoise. While you're shopping Emily's full collection and chatting with the artist, enjoy a free Tarot mini reading from Marty Windahl, from 11am-1pm. Light refreshments will be served.

TALISMANS AND TAROT Saturday, June 10th Talon Trunk Show: 11am - 6pm FREE Tarot Mini Readings: 11am - 1pm

ESQUELETO los angeles 1298 W Sunset Blvd in Echo Park

      • gemini-signet

        Gemini Signet by Talon The sun and the moon. This signet ring is a beautifully symbolic take on the Gemini zodiac sign, rendered in sterling silver by Talon.

      • MoonstoneRing
        Moonstone Solitaire Ring by Satomi Kawakita Moonstone is often associated as a birthstone for Gemini, and it’s easy to see why. An entire swirling rainbow of colors are contained within this single stone, set in 18k gold by Satomi Kawakita.

      • emotionsring

        Emotions Ring by Anthony Lent Oh Gemini, which face will you show us today? This 18k gold and white diamond ring by Anthony Lent captures them all!

      • Crystal

        Peruvian Crystal This Peruvian crystal contains multitudes, just like a Gemini. Silvery galena is an earth stone, and as such promotes a grounded feeling. On the other hand, glittering golden pyrite is a highly energizing stone, used to stimulate the body and overcome lethargy and fatigue.

      • TwinRing
        Double Diamond Ring Rebecca Overmann This double diamond ring from Rebecca Overmann perfectly captures the duality of the Gemini personality. A sweet little square cut pink diamond sits opposite a moody dark gray marquise cut diamond.

      • MatthewCraven

        Two Sculptures Matthew Craven Positive vs. negative, up vs. down, plain vs. patterned – this original collaged drawing by Matthew Craven really speaks to the twins.

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