FLOWER POWER: Floral Designs for Spring

FLOWER POWER: Floral Designs for Spring

As much of the country still fights off winter weather, our latest curated collection is a welcome reminder that SPRING IS COMING! These flowering diamond rings, nature-inspired studs, and blossom-hued beauties are just what we need to carry us into the abundance of spring. Here are ten of our favorite florals for the spring season.

      • white-gold-flower-ring WHITE GOLD FLOWER RING
      • Lauren Wolf
      • We’ll kick things off with this massive 18k white gold floral creation from Lauren Wolf, featuring 1.1 carats of marquise cut diamonds unfurling like petals around a 3.18 cognac diamond center. Now that is flower POWER!

      • crescent-drop-necklace CRESCENT DROP NECKLACE
      • Evoking the verdant greens of the season, this green amethyst dew drop from TenThousandThings is carved by hand and bezel-set into a flowing, organic 10k gold pendant.

      • seedling-studs SEEDLING STUDS
      • Scosha
      • The first tiny buds of spring! These tiny opal seedling studs by Scosha are a reminder of the beautiful blooms to come.

      • fern-dell-ring FERN DELL RING
        Sarah Swell
        A brightly shining brilliant-cut diamond is emerging from a lush fern-strewn forest floor in Sarah Swell’s nature-inspired engagement ring.

      • pink-baguette-single-stud PINK BAGUETTE SINGLE STUD
      • Celine D’Aoust Add a pop of pink to your lobes! This single tourmaline and diamond stud by Belgian artist Celine d’Aoust is peony-pink perfection.

      • georgian-flower-pendant GEORGIAN FLOWER PENDANT
      • Vintage
      • Wear a blossom-shaped brooch on your sleeve, or hat, or handbag – anywhere you need a touch of vintage beauty.

      • georgian-cluster-ring GEORGIAN CLUSTER RING
      • Vintage
      • This ring is one of our best examples of Georgian era artistry, featuring a foil-backed rose cut diamond set in a lovely floral design with silver fleur-de-lis details on the band.

      • gold-tree-branch-studs GOLD TREE BRANCH STUDS
      • Luanna Coonen
      • Hawaii native Luana Coonen creates delicate jewelry directly inspired by the natural forms around her, like these tiny 14k gold studs hand engraved with branching trees.

      • gold-vine-solitaire-stacker GOLD VINE SOLITAIR STACKER RING
      • Karen Karch
      • A rose is rose is a rose – except when it’s actually a gorgeous diamond solitaire perched atop a winding 18k gold vine. Don’t worry, there are no thorns to be found on this stunning jeweled rose vine!

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